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Active rest for entrepreneurs, business networking and development
Our support
Entrepreneurs, politicians, public figures, bloggers, business coaches and other experts. Participating in the Grand Business Rally you will be in a strong and friendly company.
Radislav Gandapas
The #1 Personal Growth Guru in the CIS Leading on Leadership, honored business coach of Russia
Andrey Onistrat
Ukrainian athlete, businessman, banker, vice president of the Triathlon Federation of Ukraine
Artyom Maidan
Founder of the educational company PRIZMA and President of the entrepreneurs Prizma Club
Oles Timofeev
Entrepreneur, founder of GeniusMarketing
Andrey Fedoriv
Founder of the independent creative agency FEDORIV, marketing expert, entrepreneur and speaker
Evgeny Chernyak
Ukrainian businessman, head of the Supervisory Board of the holding Global Spirits
Sergey Malik
Founder and president of the Kiev city auto-club, two-time master of sports of the USSR, master of sports of Ukraine
Stanislav Tsys
Head of digital agency Uni Consulting, an expert in building remote teams for business, founder of the project manager school
Georgiy Popov
Organizer of Free Bikers Dnepr, public figure, president of the club Gorka
Roman Yasevich
Interpreter in large Russian companies and major international projects
Maxim Litvinov
Entrepreneur Poland, Krakow. Engaged in building of houses from yusb panels
Victor Kudryavtsev
Successful entrepreneur who sells Premium brands of home appliances, has good business connections
Vyacheslav Redko
Director of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Ukraine
Russian oppositionist from Navalny team. Have traveled with us for 7500 km from Warsaw to Lisbon, participated in the race on the Legendary track Nurburgring
One of the successful entrepreneurs in real estate in Turkey, who lived in England, Europe, Russia and Ukraine
Jacek Piechota
President of the Ukrainian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, former Minister of Economy of Poland
Oleg Bril
Entrepreneur in transport services, construction,
legal and accounting services, business immigration, International Investment Club
Igor Halimon
Owner of Genomics science group
Alexey Klevtsov
Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the construction business throughout Belgium. At the same time, I give advice, assistance in organizing the construction business from A to Z.
Alexander Hudobin
Master of Psychology. Founder of the interaction science of artificial and organic intelligence Ailogy (ailogy.org). Successful metallurgist businessman. Founder of Free Biker Dnepr. Member of the International Moto Club Bandidos MC. Moto Traveler. Chairman of the Dnieper Diaspora of Greeks
Vitali Tsys
Business trainer, Art Director, YouTube bloger and traveler. Business in Ukraine and Poland.
This is a new format of project:
symbiosis of networking and business tourism.
Column of 20-40 cars, we'll go to the extreme Europe tour. Mountains, castles, racing track, business contacts, seas and adventures.
This is just the beginning. Open drive rest and pump your business with us!
  • Unite businessmen from CIS countries and Europe in a business tour on cars Grand Business Rally;
  • Create a favorable environment for growth, improve business efficiency, exchange of technological and managerial innovations;
  • Organize and hold a regular business tour of the Grand Business Rally;
  • Become a foothold for Russian-speaking and Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Poland
  • Unite Ukrainian, Russian and European and politics should not be an obstacle
  • Provide new opportunities for business in Europe, Ukraine, Russia
  • Enable businessmen to have a great time with a strong business environment
The "Grand Business Rally" tour is a unique project with no analogues.
New perspectives, rich cultural program, the ability to pump yourself and your business.
New perspective
For sure you are tired of standard tours, which are full of stereotypes. Our routes are special. We explore the places of our stay, meet people who live there.
Rich cultural program
On the way we will have amazing views, attractions and shops. European cities are full of discoveries, and whatever taste you have, we are sure that you'll find what you need.
Pimp yourself and your business
Networking with Polish businessmen, communication with the participants of the tour, strength tests shoulder to shoulder with the director of the Chamber of Commerce... Wow !!!
Business meetings, networking and development
We need to grow in an environment of strong people. The value of the project is the participants themselves, each of them is a successful businessman, an expert, communication and exchange of experience will develop you.
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How to participate
Leave a request or contact us
We will contact you when the information about the dates and conditions of arrival will be known
You make a prepayment, we help solve all the problems with the road and meet you at the start of the race
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Enter your information to make a reservation or find out more about the offer
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